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Sex Doll Advice

Are you thinking about buying a high end realistic sex doll like you see on my site? I was for years, but I just could not see myself spending this much money on just a sex toy, plus i was worried people would think I weird and creepy, as these dolls are veru realistic looking. Blow up dolls were just not doing it for me, so i started doing a lot of researching and thinking, then I made the plunge and bought one. Sure it cost a pretty penny, but when it arrived it was one of the hottest things I ever seen. Now a whole new world opened up to me. Now I have my own little harem.


I decided to start Sex Doll Ranch and this blog to help other guys make the leap and hopefully stop them from making costly mistakes. A few quick words of advice:

1) You get what you pay for in this business - remember that.

2) Modern high end sex dolls are very realistic and some people still consider them taboo. You need to not worry about societal norms and retain your imagination to enjoy them. Remember when you were a child, you use to smile and laugh more than you do now as an adult. There is a reason for this, you have pushed your childish imagination away in pursuit of adulthood. If we were they to hold onto that part of our being, it is likely we would be more understanding of others and retain our joy of discovery and well-being.  

So, enjoy the content down below and if you have any questions, I love to help if I can.

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