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find the perfect cowgirl

Choosing the right love doll can prove challenging with all the beautiful choices out there today. With 100's of bodies available from all manufacturers, knowing the difference between different models is not easy. With this FIND YOUR PERFECT COWGIRL form below, you tell me what you like, and I can provide information and advice to help you with your perfect choice. I will email you back as soon as I can with my recommendations for yourself.

tp273 266.jpg
Find YOUR Perfect Cowgirl
What is your budget to spend on a Sex Doll?
How much weight can you pick up off the ground or carry around? I am trying to determine the proper weight of the sex doll for your physical strength.
How Tall a women do you like?
What body type do you like?
What Breast Cup size do you like?
What Size of Hips would you like for your doll?
What type of material do you prefer?
What shape of Butt do you like?
What is the main purpose for your doll?

Your Submission Was Sent.

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