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Can Love Dolls be used as a Substitute for Human Intimacy?

From the very first sexy female art statue that was chiseled out of rock buy some Renaissance master, I am sure "some guy" stood there looking at it wondering if someone could make one for sexual use. This was the seed that was sponed for the first generation of mannequin geared towards their potential use as sex dolls.

But why are so many people purchasing these kinds of items?

I get emails from all over North America, and "guys' mostly, give me some brief insite into why they are looking for a love doll. Some guys are very lonely and for one reason or another do not have the desire or ability to make real bonds with a member of the opposite sex. Some are victims of circumstance: either something happened to them or someone broke their heart, or they might have lost a loved one. They don’t want, necessarily, to start new relationships.

In real life relationships you’ve got two people in love and there’s going to be a perception of the person they’re attracted to. They’re attracted to that perception and not the person that they actually are. With a sex dolls, everything’s up front, there’s no deceit, there’s no nasty surprises; whatever you imagine as far as their personality, that’s what you get. This is not unique to western countries. The desire for fantasy relationships has permeated all cultures, look at the popularity of porn, and how people choose to disengage from human interactions to form relationships with this two-dimensional character.

Artificial inteligence (AI) is also beginning to develop sex dolls with even more human ability to form imagined emotional bonds with their clients. Some experts believe that creating subservient AI dolls with tailored personalities that ‘love’ their masters unconditionally is damaging to both society and the users themselves. This is just speculation at this point as technology has not advanced far enough yet to prove this is true. Just look around you. I see how folks have relationships with their cell phones and online social media, that there is an inherent desire to want this technology to happen, regardless of a few outspoken people out there that say it is going to be harmful to allow "sex Robots"robots to engage humans in personal interactions. I am sure if folks could download an APP to have sex with their phone it would be popular.

Some folks are calling to ban love dolls, claiming that they sexually objectify women and promote violence against them. They say they promote human beings as objects and has changed ‘sex’ from something two people experience together, to something where we are likely to see the growth of prostitution and human trafficking. Wait a minute, if someone could buy a bunch of sex dolls or sex robots they could be the prostitutes instead of people, and decrease this concern.

So, the questions remain as to whether or not these phenomena are harmful to those who take part. The vast majority of humans are a smart species, and can adapt and accept Human-AI/robot interactions are transactions, just like our cell phones, and not affectionate bonds, and therefore probably never going to be a realistic substitute for long-term shared human-human relationships. So the few folks out there that want to ban sex dolls, relax, people are smart enough to make their own decisions.

So, can Love Dolls be used as a Substitute for Human Intimacy? The answer would be NO, intimacy is not why I sell them. They are designed for physical companionship and sex, they are perfect for this. But for heart to heart intimacy and as a replacement for that human-human bond, you are likely to be disappointed, as they will not return the affection on that level. They will be there to greet you when you return to that empty home, just as your phones bright lights greet you every time to turn it on, and they will be there to provide sexual attention whenever you need it.

The advancement in high end super realistic sex dolls like you see on Sex Doll Ranch, are amazing, they are damn realistic. These dolls will make all your 2D fantasies "real objects" in your world, buy providing companionship and sexual fulfillment for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own home.

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