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storage of sex dolls


Once I buy my sex doll where do I store her?

Only creapy old men store sex dolls under their beds. I don't want to be one of those guys.


I know this can creates anxiety. What if my beer drinking-poker playing buddy found her? Worse, what if they fucked her? It's not like you have become celibate. You still want to bring dates home right. You just don't want to have that conversation if somebody found her.

Some sex doll owners feel guilty, per se, and have fear of being judged. You shouldn’t have to. You should feel confident in your sexuality, you should worry less, as everyone indulges in some kind of different strange fetishes and sexual fantasies. reality is some of us worry what others will think, your not alone. Sex dolls are no different.

One thing to know is TPE is soft and is subject to flattening and creasing if left in a sitting position or laying on a solid surface for a length of time. Do not leave her in the same position for too long, other than the neutral position with arms at her side and legs together. I don't recommend you store her on a hard flat surface like under a bed, as this will flatten her ass, and be hard to ever get back into its original shape again. If you must store a doll under a bed on her back, make sure she is laying on memory foam or some othertype olfsoft foam. This will help her backside from being flattened.


Store your dolls standing, if they have the standing foot option, or better yet hang them with a suspension system when leaving them for days or longer, as this will reduce any compression marks and creasing. 

Sometimes storage of a sex doll requires some creativity. A locked closet, storage room, or a specificaly designed doll box that acts as a piece of furniture as well.


This premium storage chest, or 

ottoman / foot rest, will be

custom-built fitted to your doll's

length. Price is slightly higher for

longer dolls. Tastefully padded 

with a black & white vinyl square

pattern, this case was designed

to allow your doll to remain

hidden ... in plain sight! The

ottoman is discretely locked, to

avoid unwanted attention.

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