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cowgirl manual

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There is a lot to learn about Sex Dolls. Not only the care and maintenace, but also how to enjoy this precious object you are about to purchase. You will get years of enjoyment and satisfaction from your sex doll, if you take care of her properly. The dolls I sell are not merely a sex toy anymore, they are valuable works of art, and in order for you to get the maximum enjoyment from them, there is many things you need to know. When folks buy a sex doll from a manufacturer, they do not come with a manual...well now they do. Only sex dolls purchased threw SEX DOLL RANCH do.


This manual is over 70 pages, and covers over 20 different topics, and has loads of pictures. It not only covers practical maintenance, but also has a section with over 120 sexual Vaginal, Anal, and oral poses you can do with your new sex doll. This is a valuable resource. Most first time sex doll buyers find it awkward to have sex with their dolls, but with time and practice you will enjoy it as much as a real person, sometimes even more.


This "COWGIRL MANUAL" as I call it, was written buy myself from over 30 years of sex doll ownership. I have lived the most common mistakes, and learned from years of being a TDF forum member. I have put all this knowledge into one Manual for you to enjoy.


This book is ONLY available to my customers. When you buy any one of my complete dolls threw my website - you will recieve it for FREE.


When you check out threw SEX DOLL CANADA and fill in the discount code AFFSDR, you then need to drop me a quick email and let me know your mailing adrress, I will sent to you in the mail. If you do not use my discount code, you will not get the 5% cash discount, nor will you receve my manual. (Average savings is $100.00 to $150.00 per doll)


Cost: $

This manual is not sold seperatly.


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