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Standard sex doll care items


The following items *normally are included in your package when you purchase your sex doll threw SEX DOLL RANCH.

-1 set of clothing (Lingerie, night dress, fancy underwear, or similar item)

-Vaginal/Anal/Oral irrigator

-USB Warming rod for heating cavities before use

-Wig Comb

-White Gloves

-blanket or sleeping bag for protective storage cover

-Small Water based Lube

*(All items are not always standard with every doll, items may vary depending on manufacturer)

Additonal Items I would reccomend you will need to buy at any Dug Store prior to your Dolls arival are:

-Baby Powder

-Water based Lube


-Antibacterial soap

-alcohol or citrus based hand wipes for minor stains, makeup removal, or dirt.

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