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Worlds Best Sex Tutors - Sex Dolls

I don't know about you, but nobody taught me how to be a good lover. Masturbation just lead me to suffer from "Pre-Mature" ejaculation and no control of my orgasms. Plus I knew nothing of sex positions to please my gal. How can I train myself to be a better in bed? Help me....thus entered my first high end sex doll!

Control your orgasm to last longer in bed:

The trick to this is learning our "Arousal Rate". We need to simulate ourselves with the feeling of a real woman’s vagina without actually the pressure of having her there. This alleviates the performance anxiety that is likely to occur when she is present. Once this skills can be learned in her absence, this can easily be carried over when you’re actually with her. This stress and anxiety is debilitating to a man’s sex life, and is an absolute erection killer.

All the sex dolls I sell come with the option of "Built in" or "Removable" Vagina Inserts. Here, lets remove the insert from the sex doll, as this material feels exactly like a real vagina. They are molded after the inside of a real vagina actually, and feel just amazing! Apply a bit of lube and warm it up, it really truly does feel like your in some gals hot pussy. This is a perfect unit for training here, and that's our goal.

Now, just start in slow motion. Pay attention to how your body is feeling, and responding to the stimulation. Work yourself up slowly to orgasm - and then back yourself off when you’re getting close. It’s important to get to know your "Arousal Rate", and to be able to know when you need to slow down or stop completely. Practice this with deep breathing, and you will find the time between the start of stimulation and your point of no return will lengthen. Practice flexing your PC muscles, as this will help as well. Be patient, as this first step takes some time and lots of practice before you can control your arousal rate. Once you are doing quite well at this, put the insert back int your doll, and move onto the next step.

Make yourself a more skilled partner in different positions.

Now, you want to control your ejaculation when your drilling your girl doggy style right? Here is where your Cowgirl will be the best teacher you ever had in your life! They say a good teacher is very patient, well they are VERY patient, and non-judgmental, and are totally OK to just lay there and take it, knowing this moment is all about you. They are fully anatomical, and can assume ANY position a real women can, and she will hold that position as long as your training requires. They will let you ride up and down, or they will hog as hard and fast as you want.

Lets for example put our doll in "Doggy Position". This way you can pound away without anxiety pressure, and learn how to make it relaxing for ourselves to prevent early ejaculation. During this, you can practice your deep breathing and ingrain that into your head, as this is vital and crucial to lasting longer during sex. Now move her into Missionary position, Cowgirl Position, or whatever position to desire. Close your eyes and enjoy the moment while you learn how to control your sexual energy. Remember pay attention to your "Arousal Rate" as you did just with the insert, slow down, stop if need be, or speed up....hope your having fun?

Last But Not Least:

My Cowgirl life-size realistic sex dolls will provide you with the most realistic surrogate sex life possible. Position them however you want and just enjoy the practice, practice, practice! A Sex Doll like the ones I sell, will be your ideal teacher at training you to last longer in bed, developing stamina, and being creative with your sex positions. Sure, it is still hard for me to not cum right away as soon as that warm, wet vagina starts sliding up and down on my shaft, but she want to train you so you can feel that for as long as you want.

Finding the ideal Sex Doll teacher to improve your sex life, requires a bit of education, and is a investment in your well being. I made a few costly mistakes early on with cheap dolls, and don't want to see you make these same mistakes. You will find valuable information in my FIRST SEX DOLL article, as well please feel free to CONTACT me or fill out FIND YOUR PERFECT COWGIRL info form, and I would be happy to help you.

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