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What's Sex Really Like with a Sex Doll?

So, how is sex with a sex doll? You might think I’m weird, but it feels just as good as any night with a real women. For me it's so great because I didn’t have or want all the emotional attachment that comes with a real woman. I don't have to make sure i please her first, worry about feeling bad for cumming too soon. I am here to please myself only! I don't miss the pillow talk, the cuddling, or the sweet nothings. I give my dolls FIVE stars.

They are an extremely advanced form of masturbation. How advanced? Imagine your best session multiplied by 10. What? Yes, think of this.

First thing is first. You are not about to become a creepy old man with a sex doll hidden under the bed now. It took me some time to come to peace that it's nobody's business what I do in private, and how I explore my sexuality, and for me sex dolls give me sexual fulfillment. You need to let go of any sexual-inhibitions you harbor towards sex dolls, what others might think, and be comfortable with your sexuality, this is your life and choice. These high end realistic sex dolls exist, and are selling because these dolls are changing many mens lives.

Visual, Touch, Smell, Sound, and Taste, those are the 5 STARS I give them. Only a quality Sex Doll can stimulate all FIVE of our senses like a real woman can. Sure jacking off feels great, watching porn, but your doll will multiply the pleasure. You will "VISUALLY" be able to see this amazing beautiful female body of your dreams. You will be able to "TOUCH and FEEL" this beautiful body, and it will feel extremely real and soft just like a real woman. Not just outside, but the inside is also realistically textured like a real womens vaginal/anal/oral canal as well. You will be able to "SMELL" this beautiful body with the addition of your favorite perfume. You can also "TASTE" her with the use of flavored lipbalm on her lips or privates. With the use of your smartphone you can "HEAR" her, and simulate moaning sounds of a woman orgaziming while you screw her, or use one of the AI programs on the market to chat with your doll threw a small bluetooth speaker in the dolls mouth. Your  sences get overloaded, and this is why sex with a sex doll is so damn great, you are living your wildest sex fantasy. Now try this with two or three dolls . . . you will blow more than your mind!

Sex with sex dolls have some prep-atory steps that need to be taken before hand, but the feeling is out of this world, let me explain. A real women's vagina will loosen up as she gets aroused, a dolls does not, thus a doll maintains her tightness. Once you are inside any one of her orifices, and the air is removed, it creates a vacuum, and the vacuum creates the sensation of being sucked back in. The air is removed buy pushing down just below the dolls belly button with your fingers, this will force the air out, past your unit, while you are inside, with practice you will perfect this pussy fart like a pro, vacuum perfected. There is a detailed image of the interior of a Sex Dolls canals below for your knowledge. Even if you do not remove the air, the air will eventually work its way out - as you work your way in and out, this is just a tip.

Now that you are excited, you need to realize that sex with a doll, even if she is anatomically perfect of a real person, it is a learning process if you are a first-timer. The doll does not have muscles to help you out, or move with you, but she can obtain any pose a real women can. It would be in your benefit to read this section thoroughly, learn from me young grasshopper.

The biggest thing to learn about having sex with sex dolls is it takes time, patents, understanding, and knowledge on your part to get the optimum enjoyment out of your sexual time with your doll. The biggest factor is the weight of the doll, and your personal strength. What sex position you can do with one doll is easy, the next impossible, it all boils down to weight of the doll you choose. there is a saying gambers use, Know your limits and play within it . . . sorry but it applies.

The most popular question I get when it pertains to having sex with dolls is, What positions can they do?" Well, I can tell you this, after 30 years as a sex doll owner, they can do any position a real gal can do! But I recommend you do it on a bed, sofa, or table as its easier to move them around into different positions. Some standing sex positions with your doll are difficult, possible, but difficult, as the dolls feet are not that stable for moving them around sexually. Only Sex Dolls with "stiff joints" will be able to hold majority of sex positions.

The main three positions you should master first is the Doggy Position, Missionary Position and the Girl on top. Once you have mastered those positions then it's time to start to experiment, but let's cover those three first.

1. Missionary Position: The most popular sex positions for all, but if you do that, please make sure you do it on a bed, sofa, or table. You can do it either standing beside the bed, or in bed on top of her. Only practice will teach you to find that right angle of her pelvis, how far forward to bend her legs, or how wide to spread her legs. Once you find that sweet spot, its' great.

PRE STEPS: With the doll on her back, bend her legs up and forward and tip her pelvis up a bit if need be to get access to vagina. Place arms at side to stabilize the doll.

2. Doggy Style position: This position is easy to do. Your doll is on her hands and knees. Do the PRE STEPS to prop her into that position, and adjust as you need to. It's inviting and offers you a amazing experience! Remember, don't put your weight on top of her, her arms and hips are not designed to carry more weight than her own.

PRE STEPS: With the doll on her back bend her legs , knees and arms into the position for doggy style, and lift her straight up and place her in the middle of the bed. Enough said, the rest you can figure out.

3. Girl On Top: (aka: Cowgirl, a Sex Doll Ranch girls specialty) A fun position, but you need to be strong enough to pump her and get her jumpin' up and down off your body. The feeling when you fully thrust up into her is amazing!

PRE STEPS: With doll on her back, bend her legs and hips to the position she would be in on top of you. I always inset myself in her and pick her up and turn around and lay back on the bed and she falls into position on top of me. My feet dangle off the edge of the bed.

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