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Looking for your first sex doll?

Here is some Advice from a Guy that has Pounded a Harem of Sex Dolls!


So you want to buy your first a sex doll? You have came to the right place! I really believe they are a great investment in your personal well-being.  Today’s sex dolls are not the corny, thin plastic, pieces of shit they used to be. The selection is overwhelming, and it's hard to determine what doll would be perfect for the newbie or discretionary user. A quality sex doll will provide companionship and sexual satisfaction at any hour of the day.  But how do you know which doll is right for you?


Throughout my 30 years of being a sex doll owner, and that journey of fucking that harem of sex dolls you heard about. I have made many mistakes along the way, many very costly, and have learned from those mistakes. The quest to locate the perfect doll date, has shown me quite a few things a NEW buyer should consider, so you do not get stuck screwing one of those inflatable balloons with convenient holes; that is just downright embarrassing.

The Weight Distribution – The Number One Factor!

Your sex doll shouldn’t fly across the room or deflate every time you fuck it. A real chick doesn’t do that; it need to have enough weight to feel like someone. The best synthetic sex slaves have an excellent weight distribution due to their high-end “skeleton” contained within. They are incredibly contoured and life-like. This sturdy skeleton allows these luxury dolls to hold various positions more easily (and for much longer), making them much more enjoyable in my opinion.

Unless you are very confident in your physical capabilities with your first purchase I recommend you to stay below the 40 kg mark, Dolls in the 20kg-30 kg weight range are the best balance between realism and comfortableness, a much better suit for first-timers.

They are typically lightweight by comparison from some dolls, and fall between the "mini" dolls under 36" and the big girls over 5'5'' tall and 40kgs. These "mid-sized" dolls are much easier to maneuver. These mid-range dolls make terrific practice for folks who aren’t sure whether they’ll enjoy the experience, you do not want to be turned off sex dolls buy throwing your back out on the honeymoon. The realistic shape and weight of this weight range, makes masturbation much easier and more satisfying given that the doll provides something to hold on to. I want your first doll to be FUN, and not give you a heart attack while fucking her because you used all your energy moving the thing around.

The Body Type – She needs to be well-equipped to play.

While shopping around, you seen the massive variety of body types available. They can come in any shape or size you’d like. In fact, some manufacturers allow clients to customize their dolls down to the kinkiest detail. The sex doll you choose should have noticeable physical attributes that make it super realistic, because that’s the point. She should be tall enough to be perceived as a real person, and we find any doll in the 140-160" range fills that bill just perfectly as long as she has the body type that attracts you.


The Complexion – She needs to feel like a real women.

We’re talking about what the skin on the doll feels like. Your product should remind you of actual human skin, and should feel realistic. The best sex dolls are made from high-quality, silicone or TPE. A quality brand name doll will have platinum cured process, that prevents the oils in the synthetic skin from seeping out over time. This is what allows the doll to feel more realistic, good quality Silicone or TPE.


The Appearance – She needs to give you a massive boner.

At the end of the day, you don't want to slam your unit into a ugly bitch, even if she does have an amazing ass and knows how to keep her mouth shut. Part of the fantasy is the visual appeal, so be sure to go for a sex doll that looks attractive to you. When you see it, you’ll know it.

The Fun Holes – She should cause you to reconsider reality.

Sex dolls worth the money will be made of excellent material and have sexy bodies. They should have three cavities (Vaginal, Anal, and Oral) and the  internal walls of the doll will be textured in such a way that customers will second guess their relationships with real people. As for the sex, sex dolls work mainly due to the design of their vaginas. When you fuck your sex doll, you will feel a vacuum form inside the chambers of the doll, and you will feel like you are being pulled back in. This effect is incredibly strong during oral sex as well. The vaginal and anal tunnels are molded to resemble real women, and as a result of this, sex dolls are  eerily similar to a real women during sex.

The Cost – Her price tag needs to match her resume.

All women fetch a high price, real or silicone. For most (including myself), the price ends up being the most crucial factor in deciding which doll to buy. Regardless, you’re going to spend money to get laid, so why not spend it only once instead of repeatedly? A luxury sex doll is certainly an investment. You want a doll that is built of high quality materials that will be strong and long lasting, so the doll to handle the hard poundings you will  put it threw.  Some buyers decide after some time that sex dolls just are not for them, their lives change, or they need to get rid of their doll. So buy buying an affordable first doll that does not break the bank, it's a lot less painful if the relationship does not work out. Remember: Sex Doll Ranch offers a DISCOUNTED DOLL selling platform for folks that buy their dolls threw me if you decide you want to sell your doll.


The Perfect Doll for a Newbie – Who is she?

Buying a sex doll is not a easy decision. This decision can have a impact on your lifestyle, and is expensive. If you want to try something new, and you are capable of keeping an open mind, then sex dolls will add a lot extra spice to your life. On the this page are a few dolls that I recommend to my first time doll buyers, they all fit the bill of the recommendations above. All are quality brand name dolls, made of quality materials, and for the money - are a great value.  I know I will be adding plenty more of them to my Harem in the future, the sky is your limit.

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