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ordering your sex doll



SEX DOLL RANCH is not a manufacturer of Sex Dolls. We are an official disctibutor/vendor for WM Dolls, plus we are an Affiliate or Salesperson, for my wholesaler SEX DOLL CANADA.


I have teamed up with SEX DOLL CANADA, because they are honest, reputable, and have the highest standards I have seen in the industry.

They also deliver my customers:

- the BEST PRICES for a HIGH END QUALTY Sex Doll direct from the best manufacturers in the world.

- they handle the import clearance into Canada, so you don't have too.

- they offer a QUALITY CONTROLE Check of your Sex Doll once it arrives at their location in Toronto.

- plus they have the BEST RETURN POLICY in the industry!


1) When you decide on the doll you want and hit the "CHECKOUT" button at the bottom of the page you will go straight to SEX DOLL CANADAS secure and easy checkout. There you will select your custom options you want on your Sex Doll. If you choose to buy an IN STOCK Sex Doll your options will be limited as the doll in the picture is the one you are buying.


2) Add your doll to the shopping cart.


3) Click CHECKOUT, there you will fill in your contact and shipping info, phone number, and email address. You will see a box named GIFT CARD or DISCOUNT CODE, there you will fill in my Affiliate Code AFFSRD and hit APPLY.

- Buy doing that you will receive an instant 5% off your Sex Doll.

- You will receive the Standard Doll Care Items absolutely FREE.


PLEASE NOTE: Once you have placed your order threw SEX DOLL CANADA secure online store, we need to ask you to please drop us an email letting us know. SEX DOLL CANADA privacy policy is so excellent, even we do not know the identity of the buyers, you need to give us authorization for SEX DOLL CANADA to release your name and mailing address only.


MY GOAL IS TO SEE YOU SAVE MONEY - Quite often SEX DOLL CANADA is offering a BETTER SAVINGS or DISCOUNT DEAL than my $100 OFF, PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. You will still QUALIFY for my LOYALTY PROGRAM as long as you MENTION to them you FOUND SEX DOLL CANADA threw SEX DOLL RANCH. Let them know buy putting a note in the "Comments" box or putting my Affiliate Code AFFSDR in the "Comments" box. It's threw referals to SEX DOLL CANADA is how I make my living. So this way I will still recieve my commision, and I can reward you with even more savings buy my LOYALTY PROGRAM, so PLEASE just let THEM know.


4) Select the SHIPPING METHOD you would like, then click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT METHOD


5) Lastly, fill in your Credit Card or Paypal information and click COMPLETE ORDER, your done, it was that easy.

Your doll will receive our QUALITY GUARANTEE. You will receive pictures of your doll once at the factory oversees and again when it lands at SEX DOLL CANADA  in Toronto. We only ship after we receive your approval - both times! If you’re not happy, we’ll improve the doll until you’re happy!



Like I said earlier, contact me buy email and let me know you ordered your complete doll and use my affiliate discount code AFFSDR  threw SEX DOLL CANADA, I will send you the COWGIRL MANUAL absolutely FREE.

This Manual will give you at your finger tips, all the information you need to properly care and maintain your Sex Doll for years to come. It also has the most extensive and detailed information on over 30 possible sex  positions you can do with your sex doll, with fully illustrated pictures! This COWGIRL MANNUAL is the ONLY one on the market, and it's the best HOW TOO sex guide for doll owners! OVER 100 Pages of information and fun stuff to try with your sex doll! Guaranteed, it will enhance your enjoyment and increase your pleasure you have with your doll, and it will protect you so you do not fall victim to expensive mistakes all first time doll owners make the hard way.

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