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care & maintenance of sex dolls


What, you figured these gals would walk off to the bathroom and clean themselves off after you had sex with them, while you lay there smoking your cigarette? Sorry to disappoint you but you will need to do the clean up afterwards while they lay their smokin'.

A high end quality sex doll like one of ours is a serious investment, and we understand you want her to remain beautiful for many years of use. We  have put together a list of tips for maintaining the quality and life span of your sex doll



Rule #1: Always use a water-based lubricant when having sex with your doll. Using lubricant will help prevent tearing of the skin. I have yet to see any man actually have sex with a doll without lubricant, if they did, I am sure their foreskin took a beating!



TPE is an amazing product, it can stretch 8X is length easily, but it does have its limits. Have fun with your doll, move her legs and arms around as you need too, but don't leave them up or open for extended periods of time. What will happen if you pose your doll where the TPE is stretched or stressed from its neutral position for a long period of time, you may return to find it has some tearing. Simply when not in use always return your doll back to a neutral stress free position, with arms down by her sides and legs closed. Treat her like your grandmothers finest china, and you will be fine.


If the skin becomes tacky to the touch, lightly dust your doll with BADY POWDER and brush it in until she is smooth again. This regular powdering is not only fun, but necessary to prevent tearing, and abrasions of the skin with use, and I know you plan on using her.


TPE stains relatively easy. So take care of your doll to not press her against items like  newspapers or  magazines that have ink in them, unwashed dark-colored clothing, oily dark leather.


TPE contains oil, it's what makes the TPE so soft and jiggly. So take care not to place your doll on unsealed surfaces that may leach the oil from her and dry out her skin causing it to crack or split. Because TPE is porus and leaches oil out, it is important to regularly replace this oil into your TPE doll. High quality brands like I sell only require oiling a few times a year. I recommend you shower and clean your doll and rub her down with BABY OIL found at any pharmacy. Once the Baby Oil has soaked in powder your TPE doll with Baby Powder. You can use Traditional Talk or Cornstarch Baby Powder, both work.

Customers have asked me how long a TPE doll will last? Well that question is tough to answer as a lot depends on how much you use it and the type of use it receives and the amount of care it gets routinely. The fingers are often the to show wear and tear. Tearing in the vagina and anal areas is common, and under the arms from posing. Now lets assume majority of doll buyers will take proper care of their doll and not abuse them. You can expect to get three to five years of nice use out of her. Majority of guys will find so much pleasure with their sex dolls, that long before then, you will be thinking or have bought a second, or third doll. NOTE: Under the present laws in all countries sex dolls have no rights, and divorce proceedings are unheard of. No sex doll "yet" has ever asked for half your shit. It's legal to just chuck her in the trash or sell her online. Best divorce you will ever have!


Folks have asked me if they can use makeup on their dolls, and yes you can. Any store bought makeup can be used safely. They will eventually wear off with use and washing. I recommend buying some makeup wipes for removing makeup. You will find lipstick sometimes get "lumpy" when applied to TPE, but a small paint brush smooths it out. You will find powdered makeup is the best.



Take care when carrying your doll around, as most TPE and Silicone dolls are quite heavy. The best way to carry them around is standard Bridal Carry...across the threshold! But be careful not to knocking her against hard surfaces which could cause damage her, and for gosh sakes don't drop her!


While all my dolls do have wrists that can support their own weight. When you do doggy-style sex with your sex doll, don't put your weight on her, if you must, support her torso with pillows or something.



Your sex dolls body should be thoroughly cleaned every 30 days by bath or shower using a mild antimicrobial soap. You can do this simply with a lukewarm water and an extra soft wash cloth, just wipe her down. Trust me, this is fun! Or it is just fine to sit your doll in the tub full of water, or shower with her, but try not to let her head or neck submerge under the water. They do have a stainless steel skeleton, and they are quite water tight, but all manufacturers want me to warn you. I


After thoroughly drying, apply a light dusting of Baby Powder to keep her skin soft and that lifelike feel. Now, the BATHING YOUR SEX DOLL instructions above are for all dolls, but TPE dolls should have a coat of BABY OIL rubbed into them after cleaning, and before Baby Powdering.



Now this is just the nasty job of doll ownership, but is necessary. When you are done the deed, and you both are finished smoking your cigarette, you need to clean up your gal. The vaginal, anal and oral areas of the doll should be cleaned after every use to avoid growth of nasty bacteria, especially TPE dolls as they are more porous than Silicone like I have said before.


You need to Flush the canal with mild antimicrobial soap water with the Vaginal Irrigator that came with your doll until thoroughly clean, rinse the canal with clean water until all soap is removed, then dry the orifice thoroughly. Dust with baby Powder.


Thorough cleaning after each use is not as necessary if you use a condom or female condom to collect your load.



To insert the replaceable vagina into the doll, powder well with Baby Powder to both the outside of the insert and the inside of the dolls vaginal cavity where the insert is inserted. This holds the insert into place while having sex. For cleaning the replaceable vagina after use, just remove it, and clean it with mild antibacterial soap and water, and pat dry, it's that easy.



Take care to make sure that any clothing put on your dolls the colors do not transfer. TPE is very porous and darker colors and patterns can bleed and cause stains on your doll. Stains are difficult and some are impossible remove. Pick lighter colored clothing for your doll, and if you do want to buy her dark clots, make sure you wash it at least 3 times, this helps. Black is the worst color of cloths, so always wash it well before use. 



To clean your dolls hair, remove the wig from her head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and use conditioner, and even "leave in conditioner". Let the wig dry naturally (using a wig stand if possible) then gently comb the wig starting from the bottom and moving upward. Use a proper Wig Comb, most Manufacturers will supply you with one. I wrote an article in my BLOG about WIG CARE specificaly, as this is an area most doll owners get frustrated with.



Most folks find if you use a good quality heating blanket to pre-warm your doll before being intimate with them is the easiest way. Your doll also came with a heating rod it insert into  the vagina to warm it up prior to play. Use a heating blanket set on high heat to bring the temperature up to human body temperature of 32 degrees Celsius



Your Sex Doll should be treated with the same respect as a human partner. I don't recommend you share your sex doll with anyone else. Many of us buy Sex Dolls because we don't want STD's. Make sure you clean your sex dolls holes after use, and dry thoroughly after every use to prevent growth of bacteria. You don't have to deal with STD's but we do have to deal with bacteria. If you don't feel like cleaning, wear a condom.


REMEMBER RULE #1...always use a water-based lubricant when having sex with your love doll


Have Fun.

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