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Spice up your sex life with your doll?

DO NOT just bang your doll and stuff her under the bed. Take advice from a guy that has fucked a mountain of sex dolls. Take your sex life with her to the next level - spice it up! Sex with dolls can be every bit as much fun as traditional sex with a real woman (if not more due to the reality of no performance anxiety or emotional attachment).

OK, I got your attention now, what am I proposing? I am talking about EXTRA sex toys in general, especially how they can be used in conjunction with your lovely new silicone wife to enhance your overall sexual pleasure. Yes that's right, let your minds imagination take control, foot long dildos, vibrators, prostate stimulation, moaning sounds, smells, taste, etc. Don’t let traditional norms or a closed mind preclude you from a entire world of pleasure.

Ok this Blog post is for the men, and enhancing their fun they can have with their sex dolls.

1) Insert a bullet vibrator inside the opposite orifice of your doll before you enter her yourself. Of course, turn the damn thing on. This creates a very intense vibrating sensation in the area while your inside her, which can lead to a very different, very intensive orgasm. Adjust the position of the bullet close to the outside of the anus so it massage your testicles while you are ramming your lovely lady missionary style. Try starting on the lowest setting and turn it up as you enjoy the feeling. TIP: Crank that suckers up to full blast and applies it with some decent pressure to the area between your balls and your butt hole. This will give you the most powerful orgasms you'll ever experienced in your life I hope, it does for me.

2) A prostate stimulation of some kind (Oh, don't freak out here), they make little gadgets to stimulating the prostate. There are millions of nerve endings in there, and its a shame to ignore these. Once you get close to orgasm, these little buggers feel really good. This kind of orgasm that cannot be described properly, only experienced.

3) Dildos can give you the enjoyment of pleasuring your sexy lady while you take a break and cool down for round two. Now don't go buy a Jumbo Donkey Kong 18" monster cock dildo. Your TPE Doll will not enjoy that when you tear her vag. Buy a standard size one that she can handle easily, and be gentle, you need to treat her like your grandmothers finest china so you can enjoy years to cum...sorry for the pun.

4) Flavored Lip Balm. Bought it in any grocery or pharmacy you can add flavor to your dolls lips, mouth, pussy, nipples, whatever you want to kiss, eat out, or suck on.

5) Buy a I-FROG and download sex moaning sounds from the internet, and play these sounds threw the I-FROG inserted into the dolls mouth, and enjoy listening to her moan in extract as your manly muscle pleasured her with multiple orgasm. If this does anything, it's good for my ego to think I am accomplishing this

6) Perfumes or scented body sprays to enhance the realistic experience of being with a 'real" women. This will stimulate your sence of smell and get your motor revving at a higher RPM.

7) Always have a hot date with a different women! Dress them up however you wish, conservative or in the sluttiest outfit you like! Cheerleaders, porn stars, librarians, Maids, Easter bunny, nurse, let your fantasies go as wild as you wish. This is your private sex life, and enjoy the thrill of having sex with a different woman with a different color or length of hair or different eye color anytime you want.

8) Removable make up makes for the even more realistic fun, all tailored to precisely what you like to see. Mascara? Eyeshadow? Red lipstick? Neon pink fingernails? Your wish is her command!

So, why not bring extra sex toys into the bedroom with your willing sex slave? Sex toys are made just for this use. Don't subject yourself to a "normal" sex life. You are already taking the first step away from this buy buying a sex doll, expand your sexual adventures to new types of pleasure…there are a lot of them! Combination will give you the most incredible "melt-into-the-sheets-wow" orgasms you’ll ever have.

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