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Who is Sex Doll Ranch!

Hello I am Steve, owner of SEX DOLL RANCH, I am based out of Alberta Canada. I and am certified vendor for several manufacturers of sex dolls. Links to there websites are all posted on my HOME page. Feel free to check them out, and if there is a doll I can assit you with, I am happy to help. I am also a Pro-Affiliate and Sales Team Member for my Canadian based wholesaler SEX DOLL CANADA. I have been a sex doll owner for around 30 years, and have been assisting other Canadians since 2006 find their ideal surrogate lover and companions. You can contact me threw email at 

I am here to help you find your ideal soulful sex doll. I offer a persoanlized, professional, dependable, honest, and trustworthy descreet service to my customers. As well as a quality product that is more than a sex toy to be used and abused, but a work of art you will admire, respect, and cherish this investment. These dolls can be special partners to spend time with.


10% off All TPE Dolls on my Website

Take advatage of this amazing offer to save hundreds of dollars with 10% OFF INSTANT CASH DISCOUNT on any complete TPE Sex Doll bought with my Discount Code. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE AFFSDR IN THE DISCOUNT CODE BOX.


My 10% DISCOUNT with my Affiliate/Discount Code AFFSDR  is exclusive ONLY to Sex Doll Ranch customers. At Checkout you will see your total bill shrink instantly right before your eyes!



As a side note of interest. I also am a Sales Team Member at Sex Doll Canada, so if you email them, and receive and email back from . . . well that's me too.


It's my GOAL IS TO SEE YOU SAVE MONEY - Quite often SEX DOLL CANADA is offering a BETTER SAVINGS or DISCOUNT DEAL than mine, so PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. You will still QUALIFY for my FREE COWGIRL MANUAL as long as you MENTION to them you FOUND SEX DOLL CANADA threw SEX DOLL RANCH. Let them know buy putting a note in the "ORDERS NOTES" box. It's threw referals to SEX DOLL CANADA is how I make my living. So PLEASE just let THEM know.


Buy any Custom Doll threw Sex Doll Canada and you will still recieve my COWGIRL MANUAL absolutely FREE. 


Layaway Plans & Payment Plan:

1) Layaway Plan

When you check-out click the  LAYAWAY PLAN option. You will be contacted to make a deposit of 60% (deposit is processed manually by etransfer, Paypal or even bank draft), we need the remainder before the doll is shipped to you. Once you enter the order in our system you should have the 60% deposit in hand. The deposit is needed with the order. The balance is needed before the doll ships out.

2) Payment Plan

When you check-out click the  PAYMENT PLAN option. For this, we will send you to a third-party financing company (bank) who has a credit application, and will make a loan for between $2-$10k. You get the funds deposited into your bank account. Then, from that point, you can come back on our website and process the order as you would normally.

About Sex Doll Canada:

For years I have bought many sex dolls from different manufacturers and vendors, but then suddenly SEX DOLL CANADA opened its doors in Toronto. As a customer myself I was  impressed with the  quality service, quality brand name love dolls, and at an unmatched price. So I created an affiliation with the owners, Jenny and Rick of SEX DOLL CANADA to be one of my Custom Doll Wholesalers. They have a huge selection of sex dolls, all ORIGINAL manufacturers products of the highest quality, and at the lowest prices. For me, and you, having a Canadian based wholesaler right here is a HUGE benefit to my customers. SEX DOLL CANADA is a certified approved vendor and in high standings with TDF (The Doll Forum) and it's members. An approved TDF vendor is your best assurance of a trustworthy and reputable sex doll supplier. It's this trustworthiness is why we use SEX DOLL CANADA to handle YOUR custom sex doll order, you are in the best hands in the industry.

Not only are you getting the best price for the best product, you also get the BEST GUARANTEE in the industry, and a RETURN POLICY unmatched by any other vendor in the country. If there is ever a problem with your order, you can reach out to SEX DOLL CANADA buy email or phone, and they will make it right.

* All Prices ALWAYS in Canadian Dollars ($CAD)

* We Offer 100% Free Shipping & Customs Clearance in Canada. When you buy from us,  you are not responsible for importing the product, paying import taxes / duties, or interacting with the Canadian Border Services Agency; we know this makes customers nervous, so we completely manage this part of the process, as all dolls ship to us in Toronto first and we are the Importer of Record!


* Friendly Return Policy - Only at Sex Doll Canada, see RETURNS POLICY for more details.


* We do a quality check on your doll to make sure there has been no damages incurred and that the order is correct from the manufaturer, if all checks out, then and we show you the doll before we ship to you. We only ship after we receive your approval! If you’re not happy, we’ll improve the doll until you’re happy!


*  I cannot provide custom-made doll services. Custom Made Dolls do exist, but are very pricy, I can recommend a company that does that for you over sees.

But if you send me a picture of a person you want your doll to look like, I will do my best to provide you with Doll Bodies and heads that exist out of the thousands of combinations out there that would be a close match, we can get pretty close. This is SEX DOLL RANCH exclusive Free service to our customers.

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