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Here's how you Clean a Synthetic Wig!

Don't freak out! Yes, we realize that most guys don't know how to deal with long hair. Not to worry!

When a real sex doll arrives, it usually comes with one or more synthetic hair wigs attached to a mesh. The underlying mesh is usually beige, but may be black. Especially if the wig mesh is black, you should strongly consider washing this wig *before use* to release any pigments or dyes that could readily leech into your doll's synthetic TPE skin. While silicone dolls don't stain easily, TPE does.

Here's what you'll need to do:

1) Detangle. For this step, you'll need either a wide toothed comb or, better yet, a brush. Start at the ends and then work your way up towards the mesh to minimize lost hair. Some lost hair is absolutely expected and unavoidable.

2) Rinse. Using warm water under a damp, thoroughly soak the wig. If you have a black wig mesh, we recommend soaking the entire wig mesh in hot to warm water for at least two (2) hours to allow any free pigment / dye to wash out. make sure to rinse from root ends to tips.

3) Shampoo. Here you can use some liberty! Choose a shampoo that is fragrant to you. No particular shampoos or high-end products are required. Make sure to thoroughly work it through the hair. As the saying goes, feel free to "rinse and repeat" when you get to this step.

4) Conditioner (optional). Regular conditioner will give the hair a silky smooth feeling and help prevent future tangles. Skipping this step will give you more work down the road. Rinse after apply for at least 30-seconds.

5) Apply Leave-In Conditioner. This part is critical! Over the counter products are available called "leave-in conditioner", which spray onto hair and are not to be removed. This conditioner step will be worth the extra time!

6) Final Rinse. Give your wig(s) one final rinse, and then towel dry by squeezing the hair. Don't wring it out! Towel blot to remove excess water.

7) Dry. If you don't have a wig stand (who does?), use your hand to support the wig and then blow dry. Make sure to part the hair as you'd like it, or style with a brush, as the wig is drying.

That's it! Don't sweat guys (and girls), preparing your wig for first use and keeping it tidy isn't that hard.

For extra security to prevent TPE staining, we will recommend using a wig cap as an added protective layer on top of your TPE Doll Head to prevent any contact between the mesh and the TPE. Especially if you have a black / dark coloured wig cap.

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