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What do Love Dolls feel like?

This is a question we are often asked as folks are often embarrassed about these questions. But you don’t worry, and we will give you the best answer here. If you can budget a $1,000 or more, you can choose the most realistic sex doll, and you’ll get the most realistic experience because the feel is now very close to real!

Silicone & TPE sex dolls are made to feel “just like the real thing.” Want petite or round ass? They can be made for you. Facial features and body parts are sculpted from real people sometimes. Touching can feel very good, the doll face is soft, and mouth can open, you can touch her with your hands and tongue. She will have a deep throat, very soft squeezable breasts, soft perky nipples with great butt too!

Oral sex will satisfy you. Some dolls are designed to have a deep throat. She can feel like a person’s mouth with a little heat and lube. A sex doll couldn’t suck you like a real woman. But the dolls will swallow a solid 5 inches, and once the air is out a vacuum is created and feels like she is sucking you back in somewhat. I must remind you that the mouth is easy to tear, so you must be careful to use it.

Her vagina is the area of most concern of most buyers, and rightfully so if you are buying her for sex primarily. Her vagina is 100% designed according to human anatomy. When you close your eyes, you will not be able to perceive the difference.

With a sex doll it’s not a question if you should ask to have anal sex on your first date, she will not mind it one bit! Like the vagina, the anus is anatomically correct, and it simulates the real feeling of anal sex. It’s an entirely different sensation to the vagina. When you see a full and shaking ass, I bet you can’t help slap it.

Lastly, to get the most real feeling, you should warm up her first. You can use a heating blanket or a vaginal heater, and you can do this through a USB heating rod provided with most dolls. TPE and Silicone warms up nicely and holds heat well, its an amazing material. Heating the doll for 10-20 minutes with an electric blanket will make the entire experience much more realistic.

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