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100% Genuine Sex Doll Guarantee


The video above is from one of my manufacturers. All of my dolls have this degree of quality.

Believe me folks, there is a lot of knock-off Sex Dolls out there advertised on the internet. It will only take one a few minutes to search AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon, and even professional looking websites to find pictures of the same dolls listed on my website, at a fraction of the cost. Buy one of them, and you get exactly what you pay for, or less, so buyer beware. Very poor quality TPE that tears easily, or worst yet,  a ugly looking doll that requires air! Then what do you do, you have no recourse with a company over in China? You just got ripped off and learned a lesson so many other buyers before you have already suffered.

Since High End Sex Dolls are becoming mainstream, there has been an explosion of Sex Doll websites all promising you the moon. Many of these individuals just take your money, order you a doll threw one of the internet suppliers like AliEpress, Alibaba, Amazon, or even a knock-off manufacturer in Asia, and it is shipped right to your door. You deal with Customs Clearance. But the big disadvantage is there is  NO QUALITY CONTROL before it's sent off to you. There is no recourse if you are sent the wrong product as advertized or its damaged. You risk losing your money!

I sell ONLY 100% GENUINE SEX DOLLS, from the best manufacturers in the world, and buy working with SEX DOLL CANADA as my wholesaler and distributor,  you get personalized customer service from TWO TEAMS. You are GUARANTEED a high quality authentic adult sex doll made of top of the line environmentally friendly TPE or SILICON at a competitive price. One of the key ways we do this is by working directly with the ORIGINAL manufacturers, and we buy our STOCK YARD dolls in numbers to give you the best price we can.

We stand by the authenticity of all our products, and are prepared to provide you with a "100% Guarantee of Authenticity" on our company letterhead, with our FEDERALLY REGISTERED BUINESS INFORMATION, signed by an officer of the company, certifying that the brand you purchase is indeed an original, sourced directly from that manufacturer, and is guaranteed to be genuine and not counterfeit / fake.

Still have some doubts?

Feel free to contact SEX DOLL CANADA and ask them about  SEX DOLL RANCH. As well feel free to ask any manufacturer listed below directly about my wholesaler SEX DOLL CANADA! I am certain your reserch will find we are both reputable and honest companies.

Below you'll find a list of our suppliers, complete with their contact information. All of the dolls you'll find on our website are purchased directly from the sources below. No exceptions!


6YE Doll



AS Dolls

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SM Doll



WM Doll



Doll 4ever 


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