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premium upgraded custom sex dolls

The winters are long and cold up here for us Canadians eh. Thank goodness there is a doll manufacturer that makes the HOTTEST sex dolls in the world. Then Sex Doll Ranch can take that doll and make her one of a kind and even HOTTER! Introducing the WM Signature Stock. Sex Doll Ranch is an Official Canadian Distributor for WM Dolls in China. 


I am offering this service to exclusively to my customers. In thirty years of doll ownership, I have learned a thing or two about sex dolls. I have taken the liberty to pick a few of my favorite and best selling dolls, and buy some stock and custom upgrade them! But this service can be done with any sex doll.


All Signature Dolls have gone threw a major transformation and had a thorough Quality Inspection, and are in perfect condition. The photos you see are of the actual doll you get . . . EXACTLY what you see.

These SIGNATURE PREMIUM sex dolls below are all "in-stock" and in Canada. These Cowgirl ship out every Monday after payment is received right to your door buy Fedex. The Premium Signature Dolls are sold threw Sex Doll Ranch ONLY. They can be shipped to the USA, but you will be subject to any import duties and taxes.


SIGNATURE PREMIUM upgrades can be done to any WM Doll for my customers. You will have the BASE price of the doll, then the Upgrade options are priced according to the labor and costs incurred, but I promise to be fair. Here are a few of the Upgrade Options: 

Hollow Breasts: Makes them extremly soft and life-like, you cant tell the difference.

Upgrade Mouth: Instead of just a canal behind the lips, she will have a full lifelike mouth with tounge, throat, soft teeth, uvula, and textured mouth.

Wigs: High quality wig, more realistic looking, natural twoor three tone hair color, easier to maintain and less tangeles due to higher quality synthetics.

Eyes: The finest most realistic looking glass eyes on the market. Blue, Green and Brown.

Eyelashes, Upper and Lower: Can be added.

Nails: More realistic higher quality finger and toe nails than supplied.

Freckles and Moles: *Can be added

Jewelry: Piercing (ears, nipples, belly button, vagina, etc)

Tattoos: *Can be added

Pubic hair: **Hand punched individual hairs. Full bush or landing strip.

*Due to the nature of TPE all freckles,moles, or tattoos will not be permanent, and will fade and wear off in time with maintenance, and use.

**Pubic hair is never permanent and will fall out with use over time.


Custom Order Signature Dolls

Don't see your "Perfect" doll below, well I can order her for you and do all the upgrades, then send her on to you here in Canada. How does an Custom-Order work? When you find a WM Doll you like, just reach out to me threw my CONTACT ME page on this website.


Next, I will sharpen my pencil, look at the current exchange rates, options you want, and present you with the best price I can. If you decide to order with myself, I will send you an invoice (in my personal name) to be paid buy Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. From the time your order is placed with myself, and payment is received, Your doll will arive to me in 2-4 weeks! Depending on the Upgrades it will take a few days for me to complete, then I will re-package her up, and send her onto you. If there are extraordinary delays, you'll be notified.

Photos Coming Soon