Fine art dolls - 157 b-CUP - WM Doll

Meet Taylor - THE PICTURES BELOW were taken buy a photographer named "Mandos". Mandos is a professional photographer of exceptional talent, and regularly posts his photos on THE DOLL FORUM. 

The Doll below is the WM B-Cup Sex Doll. To buy this doll exactly as you see here CONTACT ME to get the options when you check out.

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The WM 166 C-Cup and the WM 157 B-Cup, are my number one sellers because of it's weight and stunning looks. There is a certain 'animal urge' that happens when you first gaze upon these two amazing dolls. You just want to squeeze those titties so damn bad! You honestly know you will lose all track of time playing with one of these dolls - Insanely sexy!

These two dolls are the classic example of a beautiful. High quality dolls that have a manageable weight for a taller realistic life-sized Sex Doll. The large majority of us 'mere mortal' (ie Non-Alpha Muscle man) dread the thought of lifting some insanely heavy 100lb Sex Doll. Enter the WM 157 B doll and the 166 C-Cup at 62lbs-72lbs. Available in affordable realistic TPE, and to my customers this Sex Doll is the absolute pinnacle of doll design.

It only takes a brief look at her pictures to see some truly masterful design features that appear super realistic and life-like, and most importantly, looks like a full adult woman in her early 20's. This is accomplished by masterful design in body sculpture that is truly world-class. Plus the endless possibilities of different faces WM offers. There is simply no company that offers more selection. I can picture myself buying three different ethical faces, three dolls in different skin tone - 1 Natural, 1 Tanned and 1 Dark skin - and having the ultimate multi-cultural orgy.

Everything about these doll is quality - they simply oozes fun and sensuality. Vastly superior skeletal design, allowing enhanced flexibility and durability. Simply sexy breast design and areola - arguably the most beautiful areola ever designed in my opinion. So incredibly realistic and visually appealing. The muscle tonality in the torso is so realistic and sexy. Don't forget, expertly placed anus and vagina allowing for great ease of use and visual appeal.

Sales and feedback don't lie. I can honestly say that as far as realistic small/medium breast dolls are concerned, this doll is my favorite by a mile....