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Howdy, I am Steve, owner  of SEX DOLL RANCH, a place where the west is still wild, and so are my Cowgirls! I offer a professional, dependable, and discreet service to help you find your ideal surrogate lover, someone you can forge that next sexual relationships with right now. Helping Canadians since 2006.

All my Super Realistic, Life-sized Sex dolls have the look and feel of a real women. Skeletons that can move and  hold any pose, and have the sexiest look of the most beautiful women you ever fantasized about . Only the best qualty, hand made sex dolls, from the worlds most trusted sculptors and manufacturers. 

I am a Official Distributor for WM Dolls and SM Dolls in China. As well as an Pro-Affiliate and  Team Member at SEX DOLL CANADA. I teamed up with these  companies because of their exceptional customer service, massive selection, but mostly they sell only HIGH QUALITY Brand Name Sex Dolls. PLUS they also offer the LOWEST PRICES.  Please familiarize yourself with my DISCOUNT CODE and LOYALTY PROGRAM, and you are assured to get the BEST LOVE DOLLS at the LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE!


Finding the ideal sex doll  companion is no different than any internet dating site, so I made mine the same.  Except my gals never have a headache, there is no pillow talk or sweet nothings, and no emotional attachment. If you need a Cowgirl pronto, check out our STOCK YARD of in-stock sex dolls ready to ship next day , faster than the pony express. If you have any questions,  feel free to CONTACT ME.  Don't be shy, I have heard it all before,  I respect your privacy.

Well cow-poke, I look forward to seeing you riding the range real soon, all saddled up with your ideal cowgirl that will fulfill all your wild sexual desires.


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Find your Cowgirl that will Break you to ride in Eight Seconds

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"Steve is committed to his customer, and passionate about his dolls. My doll is so Life Like and beautiful with such a hot body, she is so much better than I thought she would ever be. The doll quality is as advertized, and the customer service is pretty darn amazing."

"If you want an amazing quality sex doll, this is the place. The pics did not do my doll justice, she is a work of art, I can't believe how real and gorgeous my cowgirl looks. I am enormously grateful to Steve . For a cowboy, he is a real straight shooter!"

IN STOCK Cowgirls, many of my top girls are ready to be shipped next business day. That's faster than the Pony Express!

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